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Episode 10: Pursuing a PhD in Architecture, teaching studio + starting a side hustle feat. Yousef Bushehri

What’s it like coming from a different country into an architecture school? How does one actually apply for a PhD in Architecture? Yousef’s unique career path inspired us to interview him about these topics and much more! He’s a PhD candidate at Georgia Tech, teaches architecture studios and is the creator of the Architect’s Tarot. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about his story as much as we did! See below for timestamps, links to things mentioned and how to find his art!

Intro: 6:40

His background: 10:15

Our questions: 29:40

Side hustles: 1:06:30

Wrap up: 1:23:00


Behind Closed Doors - Life of an Architect Documentary

IG: @leyousef

SimTigrate Design Lab

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