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Episode 23: ARE Series: How to pass Practice Management

In our next installment of the ARE 5.0 Series, we are breaking down the exam we recommend taking first - Practice Management! We discuss what the test is generally about, the exact resources we used/are currently using, and critical study strategies to PASS this exam.

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ARE 5.0 Handbook
Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (AHPP)

AHPP Wiley Guide
Contracts: B101 Sample, C401 Sample, A201 Sample
Schiff Hardin - Professional Practice Lecture Series
Hyperfine Architecture
Ballast (PPI) ARE 5.0 Review Manual
Ballast (PPI) ARE 5.0 Practice Questions
Ballast (PPI) ARE 5.0 Practice Exams
Black Spectacles
Walking the ARE 5.0 - PcM Practice Exam
Designer Hacks Free PcM Quiz
Designer Hacks Paid Practice Exam
AIA Contract Relationships