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Episode 28: ARE Series: How to PASS Project Management

In our next installment of the ARE 5.0 Series, Emily goes solo to talk about the 2nd exam in our recommended test order - Project Management! She covers the structure of the test, the content of the 5 key sections in the test, and how you would see the section content in question form. She also dives deep into the most important resources you need to PASS this exam. Feel free to DM us on Instagram if you have any questions or comments! Good luck to everyone studying - we are rooting for you!


0:00 - Format of test

4:18 - Content of test

13:08 - Study resources

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ARE 5.0 Handbook
Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (AHPP)
AHPP Wiley Guide

Contracts: B101, C401, A201
Schiff Hardin - Professional Practice Lecture Series
Ballast (PPI) Review Manual
Ballast (PPI) Practice Questions
Ballast (PPI) Practice Exams
Designer Hacks Free PjM QuizDesigner Hacks Paid