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Episode 3: Love & Architecture - Our Experiences

We’ve got some very special guests on the podcast this week! Tune in to meet Ashcon (Emily’s fiancé, not an architect) and José (Maria’s boyfriend, an architect) and join our conversation to hear about our experiences having relationships while in architecture school! Find out how we met, what it was like for them to live with us while going to grad school, and much, MUCH more. Maybe too much? We also compare their different perspectives as an architect vs. non-architect regarding design, stereotypes, and the architecture industry. They also take a guess at what would be our dream project to work on!

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Show Notes

Time Stamps:

04:00 Project of the week

09:00 How Emily and Ashcon met

12:10 How Maria and Jose met

16:48 Grad school years

27:03 Questions for the guys

Things mentioned:

Project of the week: Brasilia Cathedral, Brasilia, BR