Episode 30: Broadening a career in architecture with Madame Architect's Kate Reggev, AIA

Kate Reggev truly does it all! By day she is an architect working as an Owner's Rep while teaching at Columbia GSAPP, and by night she is an architectural writer for publications like MadameArchitect, Architectural Digest, Dwell, and more. Interested in transitioning from a traditional architecture firm to the Owner's side and flexing your project management skills? Or learning how to get into writing in the design world? This episode has all that and more - so you don't want to miss it!


Episode 9: The Interview - Prep + Steer the conversation + Get that offer

Woohoo! You've landed an interview with an architecture firm! Now what? In this Part II of the Career Series, Emily and Maria cover how to prepare before the interview (how much should you stalk firms?), how to discuss an architecture portfolio (without having to go through every image), and have stellar questions ready (what questions help make you stand out?). We also touch on important salary + negotiation advice and how to navigate job searching as an international student. We hope this episode helps you during the interview process! Good luck!


Episode 8: The Career Fair - How to Prepare, Navigate + Crush it

It's that time of the year! Career fairs, job applications, interviews, oof! We're here to help. In this episode, we give our best tips and tricks for before, during and after the career fair. How do you prepare? What should I ask the firms about? How can I stand out? What if they ghost me? Find answers to this and much more in this ep! Plus: Tips on how to navigate an online career fair during these strange times.