Episode 20: Student Series: Collin Garnett & Timothy Peterson, M.Arch Candidates at the University of Michigan

From the University of Michigan Master of Architecture program, friends and classmates Collin Garnett & Timothy Peterson join us in the studio! What made U of M stand out when they applied to grad school? What's it like living in a college town like Ann Arbor? What's the studio culture like? (spoiler: it might not be what you think) Plus, we all go down the rabbit hole about what we think needs to change in the architecture industry. We talk about these topics and MUCH more in this engaging conversation with Collin and Timothy. If you are thinking about applying to the University of Michigan or are just curious about it, don't miss out on this episode! Follow us @OpenPlanPodcast or visit our website!


Episode 13: Student Series: Danny Griffin, designer and M.Arch Candidate at MIT

Long-time friend Danny Griffin joins us this week to chat about his experience as a designer and M.Arch candidate at MIT! How did he find his interests in undergrad? What's the culture like at MIT? How do his interests in architecture and robotics come together? Most importantly, how did he get away with writing a children's book as a studio project?! We hope you enjoy getting to know Danny and if you're considering applying to MIT, this is a must-listen!


Episode 12: Student Series: Pursuing an MBA at GA Tech after Arch School ft. Bangseh Akuchu

Why pursue an MBA after design school? How do the skills learned in business school help your architecture career? What are some differences in culture between an MBA program and a design school? In our first student series episode, Bangseh Akuchu tells us about his experience at his GA Tech MBA program. Also, stick around for the lightning round where you'll hear about him meeting and singing for the Obamas. We hope you enjoy the conversation!