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Episode 26: A Conversation with Rashida Ng, RA, NOMA - Part I

This is Part I of a very special interview with Rashida Ng, RA, NOMA! Rashida is one of the first 500 black women to be licensed architects in the United States. She currently serves as Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.
In this episode, Rashida tells stories of her experience as a POC in architecture school and as a young designer in the workforce. We also dive deep into our industry’s gatekeeping and exclusion of the word “architect” and how it may be negatively impacting our profession. This is a vulnerable, impactful interview you don’t want to miss!


Emily and Maria’s catch-up: 0:00 - 7:50

Rashida’s Interview: 7:50 - 50:44


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