Episode 17: Professional Series: Breaking glass ceilings, retrofitting suburbia and the post pandemic city feat. Ellen Dunham-Jones

In one of our favorite episodes yet, we sit down with Ellen Dunham-Jones; architect, urban designer, educator, author, podcast host, viral TED Talk host...the list goes on! We cover a lot of ground with Ellen during this episode, including the adversities she faced as one of the few women in her architecture program, what sparked her interest in "retrofitting suburbia," and how autonomous vehicles will change the future of cities. We also discuss how COVID has impacted the public realm and her favorite mode of transportation (hint: it has two wheels). Join us in this thought-provoking conversation with one of our role models in the design industry - it's an episode you don't want to miss!


Episode 16: Professional Series: Marketing in Architecture feat. Maria Pastorelli

It’s another exciting installment of our Professional Series, but this time with one of our own! Emily interviews Maria about her role as a Marketing Manager at Collins Cooper Carusi. What does a Marketing Manager do at an architecture firm? How did she pivot from a designer role to a marketing role? What is a typical day in the life of a Marketing Manager? We discuss these topics and much, much more. If you are interested in learning more about a marketing position in architecture, this episode is for you! We hope you enjoy it, and if you have more questions for Maria, feel free to DM or email us!


Episode 14: Professional Series: Starting a firm, how she hires, and equity in the profession feat. Leslie Ellsworth of Studio SOGO

We're back with another professional interview! From Studio SOGO, Leslie Ellsworth is a firm owner, principal and mother of two. We talked about how she started her career, the difficulties she went through as a young mom at a small firm, how Studio SOGO came to be and how they're trying to do things differently in terms of increasing equity in the profession. She also offered some valuable advice for young professionals! We hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as we did. Take your notepad out, because this ep is packed with useful tips from this amazing woman in our industry!